Photo Journal

Welcome to our family farm! Back in 2010 we packed up our 6 children & moved to the country. We started with chickens, then sheep, goats and a horse. My mom & I started making goat milk soap and we were trying to start our business when tragedy struck our family. March of 2017 we lost our barn & all of our animals to fire. We are striving to rebuild & to hope once again.  

In March of 2017...tragedy struck our family. We lost our barn and all of our precious animals to fire. So much grief and loss. We are now striving to rebuild our dream of having a family run farm and business...clinging to hope, our faith and each other...we are so thankful for everyone’s love and support during such a difficult time for our family! Many of the following photos were taken before the fire.

My husband and me on our way to help out at a summer camp. So thankful to share this crazy/beautiful life with him!

God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.

All of our children help in caring for our animals. Our daughters love to play and care for the goat kids most of all!

Growing up a "city girl"...I never knew I would have such a love for these sweet creatures. Goats are so much fun!

Feeding time!

Our beautiful old barn...before our tragic fire.

Our daughter getting a kiss from her goat. :)

Our daughter playing with the lambs.

Watching the horses.

Our chickens enjoying the buffet!

Our hens, free ranging around the farm.

Kids playing with kids!

Getting into mischief!

New life!

Me...spending time with our new girls.

Our animals have access to fresh air, sunshine and pasture.

Watching the sheep and goats play outside.

Me...hanging with my girls.

Hanging out in the barn.

Baby chicks have arrived!

Our daughter hand gathering the eggs.

Love our goats. <3 They are such sweet creatures.

Hand milking our goats.

Big helper!

Sweet baby goats!

Our first goats, Squirrel and Serenity. The start of it all! <3

Our daughter feeding one of our goat kids.

Our display at a local festival.

Our girls helping to package orders.

Selling at a local festival.

Fundraiser display at a local festival to help us rebuild.

Curing our Goat Milk Soap.

Where life was once a graveyard. This will hold life and hope once again. God is good and faithful!

Our children have cried so many tears...this was so tragic for all of us. With God's help we are learning to hope once again and are hearts are healing. We are so thankful for our family and friends who have supported us through such a difficult time.

The day our lumber package arrived for our new barn. I couldn't help but get emotional as I watched it come down our driveway!

Our children helping where they can with building our new barn. <3

Our children watching our new barn go up. Life is a journey...and our hearts began to heal as we witnessed so many coming together to support our family in so many ways!

Getting to know each other.

Our son and his friend helped non-stop building the frame work for our new barn.

Our littlest sweetheart was wanting to help so badly! She was able to help move some gravel and help clean up. Her favorite part was ringing the dinner bell!

Climbed up the new barn to see the view.

My husband and three of our kids with a shelter he built for our new male goat, Maverick.

Our memorial garden and stone given to us as a gift from my aunts.

Our memorial garden for the animals that we lost. It is filled with Roses and Forget Me Knots.

My husband and our friend Brett (also foreman) worked incredibly hard to build our new barn. Many others came to help as well. It was an amazing time watching it be built and feeling hope being restored!

Our oldest daughter...learning to love again after losing her two horses in the fire.

Our daughter's new horses to love after the fire.

Our new barn. What a blessing! Thank you to all who have helped our family!

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