Why the name change???

First of all...trying to nail down a name for your business...in this case my little farm and soap business...can be very challenging! You want to have something that is fun and catchy...memorable. So, one day, back in 2014, I was sitting at my kitchen table sipping my coffee (of course) and heard my chickens clucking and stood up to watch them strut around the yard. So...I thought...wouldn't that be a cute name, "Cluck & Strut Farm". A name was born! 

A few years later, after our fire...I started thinking that I really wanted to change the name of our little farm/soap business to something that represented us better and that was less confusing. Not everyone has chickens...what a tragedy (wink-wink)...and so they did not understand the name. That's when I decided that if I had to explain the name of my business...it was not a good name. 

Another reason I thought it was time for a name change was due to wanting a fresh start after our barn fire. I just new it was the right thing to do.

After much time went by...and countless suggestions...it hit me! Why not just use the name my Mom and Dad gave me? I ran it by my husband and kids...they all agreed it was a great idea! 

It has now been approximately 3 years since the name change and it has proved to have been the right thing to do...no longer do I have to explain the name of my business. 

I also would like to thank those that supported this change...my loving family, friends and great customers!